Who said Innovation was hard work?


So as part of my course I got the chance to take part in a university-based competition where students from different university enter a business idea to either win £250 or £1000. Team Memoby failed to win any of the prizes but that’s ok because I understand where we went wrong, I’ll talk about that in my last post. That main thing I got out of the whole experience was that everyone has a skill that is useful, everyone has the optional to do great things but it all boils down to confidence, self-belief and determination. I believe that its not just products or services that can be innovative but also people and there process of work. This theory was very clear in the final presentation of the Bright Idea competition where we had the most amazing guest Shed Simove, let me just tell you that this guy is innovation in a nut shell.



Shed Simove

Let me give some back ground information for those of you that don’t know who Shed Simove is. Shed is a 42-year-old British performer, entrepreneur, author and producer that has taken the world by storm with his innovative, fun and experimental gadgets that leave you laughing and asking questions. His focus for the last 3 years has been to create books and novelty products. The list below shows some of the things Shed has work on that have helped him reach his current status of success.


2001 – posed as a 16 year old schoolboy for a documentary on Channel 4

2006- Worked for Celebrity Big Brother 5

2007- legally changed his name by deed poll to GOD

2008- Launched is own currency name The Ego

2011- wrote a novelty book, ‘ What every man thinks about apart from sex’



I believe that Shed really proved that people could also be innovative. I describe innovation as a process, you think different, act different and produce something different. To be innovative could both be complicated but very simple, you have to take risks, because risk allow for greater rewards. However in saying that taking risk could also give you a huge loss, me personally, I welcome a loss if it means one day ill get a big reward, you have to go through a lot of crap before you find the piece of gold.

Tips on how to help the innovation process

  1. Look beyond the clouds to see the sun– sometimes things are not what they seen. You have to be willing to look beyond what you eyes will show you. With the right mind you can change anything.
  2. Questions are you’re friend – As long as you have questions, ask them. Questions are the best way to learn, you wont know unless you ask. Also questions can lead to some great connections.
  3. Soak it up like a sponge – No matter how old, educated or important you are, learning new things will always make you better. There is always someone out there that could teach you something new, be will to soak it up and lean.
  4. Grow like a strong tree- as time moves and trends come and go you have to be willing to change with the time and develop.
  5. Who said you can’t- You can do anything you set your mind to. If you always listen to the negative things people say you will probably fail. Keep pushing and keep trying, its all in good time.



Simove, S. (2014) Shed Simove the ideas man, Available at: http://shedsimove.com/(Accessed: 12th April 2014).


The Dream Team

 Can entrepreneurs be successful by themselves?

 Well to answer my own question, I don’t think entrepreneurs can be successful by themselves. I believe that success is based upon individual people working to the best of their ability with the support of people around them. You see success isn’t something people can obtain by themselves, everyone need a little encouragement, support and sometimes-constructive criticism to be they’re best and continue to grow. So let me introduce you to the team that offers all of those things and more.


Just to refresh the memories of my regular reader and introduce myself to the new comers. I’m Indie, hi J and I’m currently enrolled in graduate school at Kingston University in the United Kingdom, studying International Business Management with Entrepreneurship. I’m using this blog to map my journey of possibly the best class in the world, designing a Business taught by the most amazing and innovate lecture DR. Corrine Beaumont. The aim of the class is to create a product, design and sell a product So in short with the support of the school we will be running our own business with the aim of making a profit, get a great grade and also learn something that we can take with us throughout life.


The Team – If you don’t want read about the group (Why not? We are awesome) scroll down to

 How Many Ideas Does it Take to Hit the Jack Pot?





Indie (Me)(Managing Director) – Music is my passion, eating is my art and helping people is a life long obsession. I believe I’m good at supporting people, it’s always my aim to help people feel great about themselves and to never give up on what they want. I’m more of a dreamer than a logical person but when it comes to working hard I strive for perfection always, but lets get something straight, winning isn’t everything. The journey counts more than the destination, so if you can push yourself to be your best you’re already winning.


Flora (Finance Director)This lady is calm, cool and collected, She the cooling energy that relaxes the group when things get a little heated. She helps us understand the math with everything we do. Reminding us that with every purchase there is a price because sometimes we just want to spend but we are on a tight budget.


MaxiThis guy has a crazy genius mind thing going on, plus he likes to bake so he’s pretty much perfect J. He comes for an engineering background so is able to look at the technical side of everything. He helps the team be creative but a little realistic in terms of time and resources.


Aei – This woman has the ability to make everything modern and fresh. She is am amazing photographer and videographer that helps us as a team to be innovate in how we brand and present our product. She has so much energy and passion for life.


Faii – Is the funny one of the group, she has amazing skills in management and outside the box creative thinking. She pushes the team to be unique and not always to take ourselves so seriously. She is a multitasking superwoman that supports everyone in every way.


Prashanna – Is smart, level headed and down to earth. In a team full of free spirited dreamers and go with the flow individuals, he offers the group some peace and quite. When we need to take a step back he helps us look at the situation from different points of view.


 How Many Ideas Does it Take to Hit the Jack Pot

Over the space of three months my team and me have thought of over 100 ideas, started then rejected two ideas and hit the jackpot with one. Below you will find the system we used along side the USER Model to work on the ideas that we came up with.


  1. Research: What are all the different needs we can think of. Research into different areas and look at the problems or whys to make the product or how it’s used better.
  2. Think: Think of as many ideas as possible, look at different areas and themes, things that may already been done but could be better, things from different countries that would work in the UK and so on and so fourth.
  3. 3.    Gather:  Get together as a group, look at all the ides created, don’t be so quick to say no to an idea just because you don’t like it now. Whittle down the ideas to top 5.
  4. 4.    Research:  Research the top five ideas picked, look at all the different elements that will help make each product. Calculate time, costs, and overall need. Is the timing right? You may have a great product but the timing is wrong.
  5. 5.    Vote: Vote as a team for the best idea, discusses what the need is and how you feel you can help the need.


Don’t forget it’s normally those that fail in the beginning that succeed in the end So even if the idea doesn’t come in the beginning, by the end you will have a great idea.


“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” Bill Cosby