Presentation is what it is


My last ever session for this amazing class that blog about involved my team and I giving a final presentation to a dragons den style assessment, to tell you the truth presenting has never really been something that I’ve loved to do. I really hate the feeling of being judged, knowing that at any moment I could mess up. To help me and my team prepare for this presentation I put together some tips that would help give us a bit more confidence, so I thought I would share them with the world to help any one that needs a little push. Presentations are a great way for people to meet and get to know your company and brand it’s also a great way to gain support and very important connections.


Pictures – If slides are used, don’t over complicate them with loads of words. You want to hold attention and if there are loads of words you can’t do that.

Eye Contact – Always give the audience eye contact it helps them feel connected to you and what you are saying.

Personality – Show your personality, your character helps the people your presenting to know you better. It will help lighten the mood of the presentation, and hopefully make them laugh too.

Practice makes perfect – Practice is the best way to make sure your confident in everything that will happen. However don’t practice to much, it will make you stiff and nervous.

Stand/ walk– Stand and walk with confidence, believe in yourself and you will be ok.