Presentation is what it is


My last ever session for this amazing class that blog about involved my team and I giving a final presentation to a dragons den style assessment, to tell you the truth presenting has never really been something that I’ve loved to do. I really hate the feeling of being judged, knowing that at any moment I could mess up. To help me and my team prepare for this presentation I put together some tips that would help give us a bit more confidence, so I thought I would share them with the world to help any one that needs a little push. Presentations are a great way for people to meet and get to know your company and brand it’s also a great way to gain support and very important connections.


Pictures – If slides are used, don’t over complicate them with loads of words. You want to hold attention and if there are loads of words you can’t do that.

Eye Contact – Always give the audience eye contact it helps them feel connected to you and what you are saying.

Personality – Show your personality, your character helps the people your presenting to know you better. It will help lighten the mood of the presentation, and hopefully make them laugh too.

Practice makes perfect – Practice is the best way to make sure your confident in everything that will happen. However don’t practice to much, it will make you stiff and nervous.

Stand/ walk– Stand and walk with confidence, believe in yourself and you will be ok.



Trade fairs are not my friends


Trade fairs 

So in the last few months my team and I have been given the opportunity to sell at a couple of trade fairs. To be honest I found both occasions to be quite hard to perform within, and I’m not sure I like the process of trade fairs. I’m someone that prides myself on having a lot of confidence when it comes to talking to people and making new friends but this wasn’t the case when it came to the trade fairs. I found it very hard to try to sell the product to the public because you could see their reaction before I had even finished talking. I was lucky if I could even get someone to stop and hear me out, everyone seemed extremely busy and rude at time. It wasn’t always about selling a product to us, more so about taking time to spread the word about what we do and how we do it. It was our aim to build a strong network of connections and use them to help us grow. Don’t get me wrong I’m not stating that trade fairs always don’t work they have the potential to deliver great results and reach a wider audience. I believe in everything you just have to make sure you pick the right type of people to do the right job.

 The other members within my groups found it a lot easier to talk to people about the products they seemed not to notice when someone wasn’t interested and was able to talk through the whole product without missing a beat. I prefer the classic ways of selling, in store and online. Personally I would focus on selling on sites like where its hand crafted customized goods from independent companies. That’s definitely where I’ll be focusing my attention on in the future because I know I can shine in that area and sell a lot of products.



How the Memoby Box was created (Part 3)

This is the last section in a 3-part blog that looks at the product, design thinking and how we created the product. I will explain in detail how the memoby box came to life and the different skills we used to create a brand.

 Get the box

When my team and I started working on designing our product we seemed to complicate things a lot by finding the hardest and longest way to produce results. We started looking for different manufactures that would build the box we had designed, the aim was to use word and plastic but as time went on we found it would be very expensive because not only would you have to pay for the creation of the box you would also have to think about the raw materials. We would not make a profit because the coz for of product for each unit would be high. This is also where we used design thinking, instead of building a box we decided to by an already built plain box , which would save time and a lot of money. In total my team and I spent a third on buying a the boxes pre made, than if we would of made them ourselves. This means we can allocate the rest of the funds to designing the product.


Change the box

To save money as we went to a bulk buying art Supply Company and brought all our material like paint, gloss and other things. We then transformed the boxes by sanding, painting an glossing. After doing a lot of research we decided that we wanted our products to have a homemade feel, that was a big part of our other all brand. Using the sixth rule from Eight Rules for Creating Great White Papers we found that “Graphics and the look are content too.” Sometimes the way the product looks it more important than what it does because the look is the first thing that is noticed so it can tell an interesting story.



Customizes the box

Our university has a great arts and craft department that we felt we could use from the beginning. Early on we set up meeting and began to build connections with the staff in that department. In return they not only gave us unlimited access to the machines that 3D printer an scanner but they also help us regularly when we used the machines. Our main focus was to use the machine to scan the memoby logo but also scan customized writing and images for each customer, which in the end cost us nothing because of our connection.




Throughout my classes the main theme that my teacher spoke about was based around being different. There are many different ways to do things but it’s about taking the skills you already have and using them in an unconventional manor. One skill can have a thousand uses but if you don’t try then you’ll never know. When creating your masterpiece use all resources and connections available, anything that is free or discounted can help.



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Blog Fest, Uni life and so much more


Hi guys, would you believe that this is my first post of 2014, time literally ran away from me and I’ve been chasing it since December 2013. This years has already been so busy that it’s left me in a continuous state of ‘work mode’ but never the less my excitement for not only finishing but also seeing the combination of all my hard work is pushing me to continue through this final step. It is now April and all my taught classes have ended then in September I hand in my last ever piece of work, it’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for a whole year.

I’m so ready to move on to the next part of my life and see new experiences come by. Also in the words of my famous strategy teacher “once you have a masters, you’re pretty much a master of the universe” I completely believe that 100%

My first week back in to the Mace Design a Business class was so interesting and intriguing because it offered insight into how other people saw me as a blogger and a serious writer. I was entered into a competition called Blog Fest 2014, where a group of other bloggers read each other’s posts and voted for the best Blogger and best blog post. Would you believe that I came fourth out of 35 for best blogger and had one post that was a top favourite? This one session really showed me how to continuously grow and be better than what I previously was. From the comments of the other bloggers I learnt that I am unique, as a writer I have a voice that is very different which helps me stand out. This is an important skill to have when starting a business because when it comes to marketing, having a unique way to present the service or product can truly elevate who and how people approach the business.

This Is very true for the Memoby product, we deliberately wrote in a style that is both light hearted and fun but also very thought provoking. We focused on using two different styles of writing, expository writing and descriptive writing.

Expository writing is used to help effectively explain what the Memoby product is quickly and accurately. It wasn’t a place for us to give our personal opinion on the product, but rather give facts and statistics about not just the product but also the research we did to produce the product.

Descriptive writing is used as a form to be more creative and opinionated within the Memoby brand. This was by far the best way for us to truly allow consumers to understand what our product is about. We created stories and used words that allowed the imagination to become very creative.

 Hub Pages (2014) Four Different Types of Writing Styles: Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive and Narrative, Available at: (Accessed: 11th April 2014).


Remember when writing you always want to leave a great or lets just say important impression. The product might be amazing but if you can’t make people love the products based on how you present it in terms of your writing skills then they wont fair well in the long run.