Product, design and creation (Part 1, Product)

What is The Memoby product? (part 1)


In this three-part blog I’ll be talking about my team’s product The Memoby Box and the steps taken to create a final product.


What is The Memoby Product?


The Memoby product is a one of a kind 100% customized time capsule box. The box is designed to help store important memories for any occasions that you would like to keep forever. The box is used to bridge the gap between the world of technology, where everything is online and the physical aspect of a product, where the user can touch, play and even smell the product. Customers can have the box fully customized to taste, which includes color, box size and images on and in the box see image below. The overall aim of The Memoby box is to create a legacy of great memories that can be apart of generations to come.


 When assessing whether our product was is enough to with stand the market of similar products we used the research of Deep Nishar a SVP, product and user experience worker for Linkedin to judge our success rate. He explains that there are seven different rules that can help a product become successful with it’s market. The section below shows the areas we looked at to determine we would fair in the future.


  1. Does the product show an understanding to the consumers?
  2. Sometimes less is more, is the product value for money?
  3. Is the product or service with the product innovative?
  4. Can your product adapt and grow with a market quickly?
  5. How can your product reach an international market if applicable?




As well as carrying out market research before and after having a prototype we as a team also did more market research after we created a small amount products. This was so that we could look at how to make the product better in the future. We found that research was something we would contently have to do because the market and trends based around people change very quickly, so what’s in today probably wont be in tomorrow.


Nishar,D. (2013) 7 Product Design Rules that Work for People, Too, Available at: (Accessed: 18th April 2014).


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