The Beginning of a never ending journey

This is probably going to be a very generic introduction but hopefully as you follow on, you’ll find that i’m a lot more interesting….. Hopefully 🙂

So i guess i’ll start with Hello 🙂 My name is Indie and before you ask .. yes it is my real name. I’m surrounded by a family that have a beautiful passion for music and everything it transforms e.g. dance , film, and art. I believe that from before i was born the craziness that is my life was already determined. Sometimes i wish i was a little more normal or rather more simple, but hay how do you define normal? I believe there is no clear definition of normal and thats why we live in a world with different shapes, sizes, colours, heights and so much more. 

Anyway back to me 🙂 I come from a plethora of countries which includes the United Kingdom and United States. Its weird because most of the time i speak with a british accent but use American terminology which can get rather confusing sometimes but hey whats life without a bit of a riddle.

Music is my passion and i hope to one day run my own internationally recognised music label helping artists to achieve there dreams without judgment. 

For this year i will track the journey of my quest to graduate from K business school with a Masters in international business management with entrepreneurship so if that isn’t  your thing come back after a year and i’m sure it will be a lot more interesting for you to read about.

Have an amazing day.

Indie 🙂